Don’t Get Damaged, Treat Short Bob Hair Model with These 5 Tips!

Bob haircuts or bob hairstyles are the mainstay of many women to be stylish. Not without reason short bob hairstyles are still popular. In addition to being popularized by world celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Rihanna, this haircut is quite practical and can be combined with a variety of clothing.

Practical and Easy Short Bob Hair Model Care!

On the other hand, you have to balance the appearance with good care for the appropriate bob hair. Marsha Beauty will let you know the steps you can take. Check it out below!

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  1. Use Conditioner After Shampooing

Short bob hair model

One of the factors that makes bob hair can grow is to use conditioner after shampooing. Without the product, your hair will not immediately ‘deflate’, but instead look messy and difficult to manage.

Apply conditioner after shampooing using a shampoo that can soften as well as provide moisture to the hair. In addition, the composition in the conditioner will also prevent tangled, dry hair, and make it easier for you to manage it.

  1. Dry Hair Using Blow Dry

Short bob hair model

Most people will usually use a towel to dry their hair. Although at first glance it is not harmful, it turns out that this habit risks making hair break quickly. Especially if you don’t do it gently by ruffling your hair.

Therefore, you should use a blow dry to dry it. After wearing a towel, turn on the hair dryer and tidy using a special blow dry comb. If possible, spray heat protect spray on the ends of the hair to protect it from hot temperatures.

  1. Take a look at How to Comb Short Bob’s Hair

Short bob hair model

Still related to blow dry combs, how to straighten short bob hair has a great effect on its aesthetics and beauty, including the volume of the hair. Notice how you comb if you want your haircut to stay neat.

One of the combing techniques applied to short bob hairstyles is to perform a combing motion with the technique upwards. The goal is to give the impression of a more natural volume without making strands of hair quickly damaged or broken.

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  1. Routine Hair Trimming 

Short bob hair model

The next treatment technique that can maintain the health and beauty of your short bob hair is to do regular hair trimming. Trimming is a technique of cutting the ends of the hair in order to straighten it and prevent the emergence of split ends. This treatment should be done in a beauty salon for maximum results.

With hair trimming, the ends of your hair will not be easily branched while keeping the hair in the right size. Moreover, bob haircuts pay close attention to neatness and volume. Not only that, hair trimming is proven to make your hair healthier.

  1. Meet Hair Nutritional Intake from Food

Short bob hair model

In addition to paying attention to hair care and care products, the intake of nutrients and vitamins from the food you consume also has an impact on hair health. There are many types of food that you can use for this purpose, including salmon, nuts, oysters, beef, yogurt, to cereals.

Then, pay attention to the healthy habits that you do every day. For example, regular exercise that can increase blood flow to the scalp while reducing the risk of stress which is one of the factors causing hair loss.

How, Marshalova, are you ready to practice the above steps to maintain your short bob hairstyle? Hopefully this information can help you to produce the best hair care yes!